Mission Statement

We develop, manufacture and distribute high quality branded beverages throughout the world. From Waters, Sodas, Juices, Ice Coffee/Teas, Beers and Wines to Liquors. Global Brews continues to create, grow and establish innovative new brands for the beverage consumer worldwide.

  • Röad Crew American Pale Ale

  • Trooper

  • Bastards Lager

  • Imperial Pale Lager

  • Grale

  • Grale Lincopia IPA

  • 666 Red Ale

  • Trooper 666

  • Born to Lose IPA

  • Live to Win IPA

  • Trooper Black 'n' Red Porter

  • Wardance Pale Ale

  • Snaggletooth Cider

  • Piledriver

  • Dog of Two Head Ale

  • Down Down Cider

  • The Holy Spirit of Sweden Rock Lager

  • Black Tongue Double Black IPA

  • Trooper Hallowed

  • Trooper Light Brigade

  • Shiraz

  • Sacrifice Shiraz Bag in Box

  • Shiraz Rosé

  • Reign in Blood Red Wine


  • Premium Dark Rum

  • Motörhead Vödka

  • Motörhead Whisky

  • The Holy Spirit of Sweden Rock Black Label

  • The Holy Spirit of Sweden Rock Solera Rum

  • Legacy of Kings

  • Spanska Brandy

  • Single Malt Whisky

  • Imperial


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